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Manus X Machina

Inside the walls of the Metropolitan Museum of art, haute couture dresses hang on the bodies of limp manikins. I wove through the crowded halls in awe as the dresses glittered back at me. Some of the dresses were delicately interlaced with flowers while other dresses held dark feathers and

1,000 Foot Steps Away

   I was running. Running from nothing, yet running from everything. I walked myself down the abandoned train tracks behind the parking lot of Adelphi Commons, the sorority dorms on ASU campus. Eventually I began running. Then I began twirling. I was twirling and spinning, and twirling and spinning until

Chile Through a Lens: Death On a Sunny Afternoon

I grew up in Queens New York, so for a long time I considered myself an expert on Latin American culture. My best friend is from Colombia, and I was addicted to “Mama’s Empanadas.” What else did I really need? SANTIAGO — Expecting the adjustment to be much easier than

One Day Baby…


I don’t want to pretend that I am the person the world expects me to be. I don’t want to lose my self.

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