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1,000 Foot Steps Away

   I was running. Running from nothing, yet running from everything. I walked myself down the abandoned train tracks behind the parking lot of Adelphi Commons, the sorority dorms on ASU campus. Eventually I began running. Then I began twirling. I was twirling and spinning, and twirling and spinning until

Red Dragon Fashion

Through The Looking Glass, the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s current fashion exhibit will blow fashion lovers, history buffs and those in between away. It felt like a gust of wind swooped us up and transported me to East Asia, but really a gust of wind had swooped in and transported

A Tree Grows in the Bronx

Although I have a urning to wonder around the world, it is not always feasible. However there is always time to wander around your own city. Whether it is New York or Arizona I am always exploring, and being a tourist in my own city. You can hear me saying


I don’t want to pretend that I am the person the world expects me to be. I don’t want to lose my self.

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