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One CEO, Two GirlBosses

Say yes, at least that’s what I did. This post is a few days past due, but finals had really gotten the best of me. My laundry is still pilled up and the dishes have been spilling out of the sink, but I took Sophia Amoruso’s advice and said yes. If

Chile Through a Lens: Death On a Sunny Afternoon

I grew up in Queens New York, so for a long time I considered myself an expert on Latin American culture. My best friend is from Colombia, and I was addicted to “Mama’s Empanadas.” What else did I really need? SANTIAGO — Expecting the adjustment to be much easier than

Chile Through a Lens: Santiago Street Art

Santiago is filled with buildings that seemed as if they were standing perfectly for ages, now covered in graffiti. There are some good pieces. There are some bad pieces. We can’t all be artists. However we can all have a voice. In Chile it seems that the motive is not

Chilling In Chile

An Unexpected Adventure  That’s right. You did not misread. I said Chile. Before going on my newest adventure, many people seemed utterly surprised that I was leaving for Chile, and assumed that I was going on some Church mission to rebuild homes. It is a nice idea, but in reality

One Day Baby…

A Day With Jo Dorris

Lessons On Happiness // Happiness is not about what you buy or the things you have. I spent six months backing through Europe. In Greece I met a girl I will never forget. She told me, “I have a beautiful life, because I live here (on this island)”. She was

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