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Up, up and away

I regret not writing about my experiences earlier, but I can still remember the feelings. I took deep steady breathes, but it felt as the blood was pumping through me uncontrollably. My older sister kept asking my dad if he was really going to allow me to go through with it.

November Fashion News Forecast

So just like that October came and went faster than you could ask, “Do these shoes go with this?” With my boyfriend leaving for Holland and the finish of Phoenix Fashion Week I was convinced I would be utterly bored. Oh on the contrary, believe it or not I am

How Far Can a Ticket Take You?

Traveling is good for the soul. A plane ticket can only get you so far, however there is something about being alone in Europe that opens up the heart. Now matter how long you stay it is unexplainable what new adventures can immerse your soul in. Strength grows from your

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