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A Fly on the Wall in Fashion

I think that every girl dreams of working in fashion at least once.  If you close your eyes while I tell you my story, you will see it is not exactly as you imagined it.  It’s even better. I am now at Wilhelmina Models (which I will go into in

OOTD: Cats of NYC

  Bag: Gucci Shoes: Exe Pants: Motel Rocks Jacket: Mason & Cooper Shirt: Zara Belt: Gucci

One CEO, Two GirlBosses

Say yes, at least that’s what I did. This post is a few days past due, but finals had really gotten the best of me. My laundry is still pilled up and the dishes have been spilling out of the sink, but I took Sophia Amoruso’s advice and said yes. If

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