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United We Style: The World Map of Fashion

I love traveling, and with my clothes I go everywhere. Fashion is a global industry, but unlike math it is not the same in every language. However, that is the beauty of it. Fashion gives us the designer’s inside perspective of culture, history, ideas of beauty and more. I believe

Chile Through a Lens: Death On a Sunny Afternoon

I grew up in Queens New York, so for a long time I considered myself an expert on Latin American culture. My best friend is from Colombia, and I was addicted to “Mama’s Empanadas.” What else did I really need? SANTIAGO — Expecting the adjustment to be much easier than

A Tree Grows in the Bronx

Although I have a urning to wonder around the world, it is not always feasible. However there is always time to wander around your own city. Whether it is New York or Arizona I am always exploring, and being a tourist in my own city. You can hear me saying

One Day Baby…

How Far Can a Ticket Take You?

Traveling is good for the soul. A plane ticket can only get you so far, however there is something about being alone in Europe that opens up the heart. Now matter how long you stay it is unexplainable what new adventures can immerse your soul in. Strength grows from your

Happy to Be Nappy

For those of you who don’t know I am biracial. To be more specific my father is black and my mother is white. Therefore my mother has silky hair that is easy to manage while I grew up with an Afro. I do thank my mom for trying however she

Holiday Hair Dyes

Mane Attraction Salon hopes you fall in love with their new hair colors that are perfect for the fall. According to owner of Mane Attraction you no longer have to be committed to one shade. Mane Attraction uses many tones to create a color fusion that is great for the

Not Wearing Winter Whites

As the seasons get colder, colors get darker. This year we won’t be wearing winter whites. Fashion is going back to black. However I wouldn’t consider this a trend, because black is always fashion’s favorite color, especially when the leaves begin to turn. The winter is calling for you to

Boho Exotic Studios Hair Extensions Review

I was bored so I made a video (: I did have a lot of trouble with Boho Exotic Studio initially. They messed up my order and shipped my hair to the wrong place. Ultimately I’m very pleased with the company and the end results. Boho Exotics uses real hair.

New Botox Alternatives

It is no secret that skin loses elasticity, as we get older. This causes skin on the face and body to get loose, which can give people an older appearance. Luckily we no longer have to turn to the classic face-lift. Body Beautiful Day & Med Spa, 4449 North 24th

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