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A Fly on the Wall in Fashion

I think that every girl dreams of working in fashion at least once.  If you close your eyes while I tell you my story, you will see it is not exactly as you imagined it.  It’s even better. I am now at Wilhelmina Models (which I will go into in

Up, up and away

I regret not writing about my experiences earlier, but I can still remember the feelings. I took deep steady breathes, but it felt as the blood was pumping through me uncontrollably. My older sister kept asking my dad if he was really going to allow me to go through with it.

Swipe Right For Love

Here it comes again: wedding season. Everyone enjoys a good spring wedding, unless of course you’re going alone. Wedding to wedding you wonder when you’re going to catch a bouquet. My solution is found on my phone. I as well will be alone at friends upcoming unions and all other

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