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A Tree Grows in the Bronx

Although I have a urning to wonder around the world, it is not always feasible. However there is always time to wander around your own city. Whether it is New York or Arizona I am always exploring, and being a tourist in my own city. You can hear me saying

One Day Baby…


A Day With Jo Dorris

Lessons On Happiness // Happiness is not about what you buy or the things you have. I spent six months backing through Europe. In Greece I met a girl I will never forget. She told me, “I have a beautiful life, because I live here (on this island)”. She was

The Burrito that Jams

I really believe traveling is the best way to learn about the wide and vast world around us. One of the best things I learned while studying abroad in Paris was that time is always of the essence. My study abroad was really short, but so is our time here


One thing that bohemian women usually have in common besides fashion is their love for art. Like most, one of my personal favorite types of art is music. Unfortunately, I am no musician, but consider yourselves fortunate that I have realized this. Yes, you are very lucky that I am

Be Bea(u)tiful

People always tell me they love the way I dress, but they could never pull my outfits off. Everyone’s favorite line seems to be “That is so cute for you.”  What does that even mean? No, I am not offended. These are not empty compliments; rather they are self-conscious comments.

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