Seasonal Hair Dyes 

Alissa K - 2

Mane Attraction Salon hopes you fall in love with their new hair colors that are perfect for the fall. According to owner of Mane Attraction you no longer have to be committed to one shade. Mane Attraction uses many tones to create a color fusion that is great for the fall and winter season. According to the professionals at Mane Attraction, adding tones into the hair gives people more dimensions, and plays up natural features.

Owner of Mane Attraction, Kendall Ong said the key to finding the perfect color is using tones that will enhance your natural features. These features include eye color and skin tones. Using the underlying tone of your natural hair color will make the eyes really pop.

Mane Attraction recommends a buttery honey tone for blondes as opposed to champagne colors. Brunettes can have fun too with violets and reds that will make their color more warm and playful. Redheads should add strawberry and light copper tones so, they don’t weigh down their fair skin down.

A spokes woman for Man Attraction said, “For anyone that prefers more blonde in their hair but wants a slight change for the fall, I would recommend doing a warm lowlight or doing two different colors of blonde. This will break up the over all color and create dimension in hair. The maintenance on a treatment of that kind would be approximately 4-6 weeks.

For anyone that wants to maintain a color that is close to his or her natural color, I would recommend a demi-permanent color. This will add shine and provide different tones than what a natural hair color may offer. Demi-permanent colors are less maintenance because after 4-6 weeks, the color fades slightly, leaving a line that is less harsh as your hair grows in-between appointments. For this service, I would typically recommend 6-8 weeks in-between appointments.”

Demi-permanent dye is a permanent hair color that does not use ammonia. The salon recommends changing your hair color as the seasons change. As it gets colder, your hair should get warmer. However a bigger change will create a bigger need for maintenance. At home maintenance is crucial to ensure a long lasting color and the health of your hair.

Lightening your hair color can cause dryness. Usually darkening your hair has little to no negative effects. In-between your appointments you should be using salon recommended shampoo and conditioner to ensure that your hair and new color remains in great condition. Demi-permanent is a less drying option, because it lacks ammonia. The salon should tell you what is the healthiest option for your hair type.

“It doesn’t make sense to spend a couple hundred dollars to color your hair and not manage the color after you leave. Anyone who colors their hair should invest in a shampoo and conditioner to ensure it looks good in-between treatments,” spokes woman for Mane Attraction said.

Although adding these highlighting tones to your hair are more expensive than a single process color, it is more natural looking. These tones will also add dimension and emphasize your main features, leaving you with confidence in the colder seasons.



Happy to be Nappy

For those of you who don’t know I am biracial. To be more specific my father is black and my mother is white. Therefore my mother has silky hair that is easy to manage while I grew up with an Afro.

I do thank my mom for trying however she had absolutely no idea what she was doing. Every morning she would comb my curly locks dry creating a giant poof. My older half sister who had already discovered many curly secrets lived far from us and had teamed up with a straightener and turned to the dark side.

Surely adults thought my Afro was precious, but I was just embarrassed. Multiple times I was asked to move to the back of the classroom because the other children could not see over my hair. Yes I am serious.

Finally around the age of thirteen I decided to take matters into my own. Every week I would pay someone to burn or hot comb my hair. In love with the end results I did not even think of the consequences.

Eventually my hair started to break. Every trip to the salon included a trim. My long luscious hair began to get shorter and shorter. Enough was enough, I decide to put down the straightener and embrace my natural curls.

Like my mother, I had no idea what I was doing either. I went to the drug store and bought every single bottle of Pantene gel and conditioner for curly hair. Believe it or not I used it all in a matter of two days. How else was I going to prevent the Afro from making it’s return? Thus the curly “gelmet” was born.

Every other day I was running to the drug store with my wet sticky hair for more products. CVS loved me. In high school I was once told my hair looked like Ramen Noodles. That girl was mean and a little jealous of me because of other things, but she was right.

It may be a little dramatic to say Devachan saved my life. They may hurt my wallet with their step prices but I do give them credit for saving my hair. There were products, books and a salon dedicated to stopping the abuse of curly hair everywhere.

My hair is finally healthy and happy. People always ask me to share my secret and her it is: moisture. Rid your hair of harmful sulfates aka your favorite scented sudsy shampoo. You don’t need it because condition is your best friend.

As heart breaking as this breakup between you and your shampoo is you will soon ask “Pantene who?” After you wash your hair with a sulfate free shampoo drown your hair in love or conditioner. Run your hands gently through your hair removing all the nots. Instead of washing the conditioner out, just add water.

That’s it. See how easy couple’s counseling for you and your curls made that. The more moisture you have in your hair the more manageable it will seem. Now the rest is up to you and the look you want. I add a drop of gel and leave in conditioner to prevent frizzy and keep my hair looking nice longer. I am no longer a slave to my hair. Personally I can do this process one or two times a week. Now you are free to be happy and nappy.

Photo on 10-9-13 at 5.52 PM #2


Not Wearing Winter Whites

As the seasons get colder, colors get darker. This year we won’t be wearing winter whites. Fashion is going back to black. However I wouldn’t consider this a trend, because black is always fashion’s favorite color, especially when the leaves begin to turn. The winter is calling for you to leave your pastels in the back of the closet, forget winter whites and go back to black.

As a winter enthusiast I have become obsessed with this season’s dark trends. Clothes are not the only way to winter up your wardrobe. Changing your make up will suffice at a much lower price.Dark-nails


Previously, I had a blonde ombre. Whoever said blondes have more fun were wrong. I am loving the black blue I have recently died my hair. It is perfect for this season. Obsessed with black, even my nails are painted in trend.jet-black-hair


Dark  lips are also good for the cooler climate. Black lips paired with military jackets gives you a tough look for the season. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can pull this off. Since my skin is fair and my hair is dark right now I have been wearing a less dramatic purple instead.

Mac Cosmetics have hundreds of dark shades for about $15. I have been wearing Marc Jacobs’ Little Pretty available at Sephora for $30. These bold winter lips can easily make you look clownish. Be sure not to overdue your eye make up when wearing your dark lips. A little eyeliner and or mascara will go a very long way.

Boho Exotic Studio’s Extensions 

I did have a lot of trouble with Boho Exotic Studio initially. They messed up my order and shipped my hair to the wrong place. Ultimately I’m very pleased with the company and the end results. Boho Exotics uses real hair. They have textures that match all curl types.


New Botox Alternatives 


It is no secret that skin loses elasticity, as we get older. This causes skin on the face and body to get loose, which can give people an older appearance. Luckily we no longer have to turn to the classic face-lift.

Body Beautiful Day & Med Spa, 4449 North 24th Street Phoenix is the first day spa in the area to offer The Fractora™ Firm by Invasix. The Fractora™ Firm is the newest generation of safe skin tightening technology.

“We’re so excited to be the first day spa in the Phoenix area to have this next generation non-surgical skin tightening technology,” said Marlena Kruger, Executive Director of Body Beautiful Day & Med Spa. “The temperature precision provided by Fractora™ Firm yields the best results of the many similar machines we have evaluated.”

The process of Fractora™ is unlike most other skin tightening treatments. Rather than making incisions, licensed senior laser technicians gently heat skin to an optimal temperature, which causes the skin to naturally remodel and contract.

The result is tighter and firmer skin. The treatment can repair loose skin on the face, jaw, neck, upper arms forearms, upper thighs, knees, and post baby tummy skin.

The Fractora™ Firm is the first skin-tightening device designed with a built-in temperature control that ensures that the optimal skin tightening temperature is reached, and ensures that safe temperatures are never exceeded. Keep in mind these radio frequency treatments are not regulated in the state of Arizona.

Unlike previous skin tightening methods Fractora only takes 30 minutes. There is also no hospitalization or recovery period. After the skin is heated it becomes tighter and firmer. This ensures that each client receives an exceptionally qualified treatment. While each treatment provides visible results, a series of six to eight treatments provides optimal results.

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