Up, up and away

I regret not writing about my experiences earlier, but I can still remember the feelings. I took deep steady breathes, but it felt as the blood was pumping through me uncontrollably. My older sister kept asking my dad if he was really going to allow me to go through with it. Her life had not been filled with as many adventures as mine, and she worried for me. I looked straight ahead as confident as could be, but inside I was scared.

My mom could sense my fear. The day had come where I was to go on a one way flight to Holland. I masked my nerves with numbness and tried to down a bagel. It wasn’t supposed to be a big deal, but my whole family came to say goodbye, so I guess it kind of was.

I hugged everyone goodbye and walked deeper into the airport, where they could no longer follow. My travel experience was uneventful, but my adventure would not be. When I got to Iceland, border control was very insistent on learning what my return date was. I did not have one of course, but I learned it would be no later than in three months.

I was on the last leg of my journey, so it was time to brush my teeth, and get makeup on. I had someone special picking me up. It wasn’t my boyfriend. It was his parents and I was meeting them for the first time.

I stepped off the plane, nervously looking around and hoping it would be easy to recognize them. I had way too many bags with me, which I assume made me easy to find. They waved at my excitedly and I stepped out of my world and into theirs.



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