Goodbye to the Bumps

This is not my typical kind of post, but I can not keep this secret to myself. However before I start I would like to say, your welcome in advanced for this. Piercings and tattoos are almost common place in today’s society. That being said the world has grown accustom to the good, but most of the time bad and everything in between (I’m talking about the really bad).

2542945368_a7285a5d3f_oYou think you know what I am about to tell you but your wrong. I am not about to nag you about doing your research before hand or see salt soaks. No, I would be a hypocrite if I did. Here’s a true story, at the age of 14 I got my belly button pierced in a shack. It was a literal man in a shack that called himself a piercer. I wish I was kidding.

To add insult injury when I got home I immediately took my belly ring out to “wash it,” so it is  no surprise that within a few weeks I had a bump on my piercing. Usually in most people’s cases or at least mine, there is no piercing without a bump. For months I sat with a shot glass on my stomach in an attempt to soak the blemish away. If only I knew what I am about to tell you.

Currently I still fail to clean my daith piercing at least every other week. Every other week I get a bump, but it always goes away with a little apple cider vinegar. Yes, vinegar. It always smells pretty bad, but it also always does the trick. Disclaimer: as much as I like to proclaim myself an expert on all things, seek out your piercer with any issue you may be experiencing, questions, or concerns.

Instructions: Rub the bump with a Q-tip soaked in Apple cider vinegar twice a day until the bump subsides. If the bump persists, seek professional help.

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