Swipe Right For Love

Here it comes again: wedding season. Everyone enjoys a good spring wedding, unless of course you’re going alone. Wedding to wedding you wonder when you’re going to catch a bouquet.

My solution is found on my phone. I as well will be alone at friends upcoming unions and all other events (f0r now), however I am not single. These are just the consequences of meeting a cute foreign boys on tinder.IMG_5245

Previously I would never admit that my boyfriend and I met on the app known for hook ups, but now I feel a strange responsibility to defend it. We agreed to tell the story of how I was short 10 cents at a store, but he gave me the money and his heart. More than a year later it is time to come clean.

Tinder, that is one thing my parent’s will never understand, but that is what our fake how-we-met stories are for. Anyways forget what the old folks say and get online already! At this point, if  you have an iPhone it is embarrassing if you don’t have a tinder.

The app has even become a social activity. Sleep overs are filled with swiping and gushing about boys all night. I guess you guys now know that some of us girls do not come up with those witty one liners all alone.

Wether you’re looking for love, sex or all of the above you will learn that the app is just purely entertaining, and almost everyone is doing it.  See that person on the train swiping on his phone? Tinder.

For a while I was just passing the time. “Oh he’s cute,” I would think to myself, and then get giddy that he felt the same, but ultimately I never messaged them back. What’s the point? There was none, I was just bored. I got a lot of messages, most we’re pretty disgusting. Luckily, I have a great sense of humor.

As I am telling my story I want to tell you how to hack the app and find the boy of your dreams. If I can do it, you can too. What do you have to lose; the chance of finding love or at the very least finding a date to your next wedding. 1470093_10205088112872188_1879249004295280406_n

Rule 1: Keep an open mind -You never know if you don’t try. Sure it seems silly, and he does not seem like your type, but neither did my boyfriend at the time.

Rule 2: Just go for it -I promise you, you are going to feel so silly and awkward meeting for the first time, but so will he. You will never know if you do not try.

Rule 3: Portray the right image -If you are looking for a boyfriend act like it, and keep your sleety pictures to a minimum. If you are looking for a good time, post what you want.

Rule 4: Know who your talking to -A lot of guys want to get down to business. If he is looking for a good time it is clearly spelled out in the bio or the first few messages.

Rule 5: Lastly, give it time -My boyfriend and I talked for two weeks before meeting that’s normal. However, don’t let two years go by before you realize you’ve been “catfished”.

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