Lost Heels and Granted Wishes

Tomorrow I start my second week at Cosmopolitan and Seventeen magazine’s accessory closet. Yes, I am referring to the number one women’s magazine in the country, but I still can’t believe it either. I guess dreams really do come true.


People repeatedly ask me how on earth I managed to land this internship. Let me tell you it was anything but easy. I sent my application out to countless magazines. Although most of them are under Hearst, I heard back from only two positions weeks later (both of which were at Cosmo, it must have been written in the stars)

It was all a waiting game, not a fun one though. My best friend since freshman year was getting offer after offer. Meanwhile I am in my bed eating ice-cream and feeling hopeless about ever landing my dream job, or making it in the fashion world after all.

I stayed up all night completing a research test for the photography internship that I was applying to. It was not hard, however it had to be perfect. The same day I found out I was not being considered for the job anymore I got an email from my now boss Linda.

Linda wanted to interview me. I had already accepted an internship at CBS Radio, but I decided I had nothing to lose by interviewing, except my pride of course. My lack of offers had already shaken my confidence to it’s core at this point anyway. A week later I was so surprised to see an offer in the email.

I was so surprised that I decided to ignore the email all together for a week. My head told me not to take the internship, but my heart told me something different. Although I was  leaving my friends in the middle of my senior year I knew I would regret not taking this internship for the rest of my life.Megan-Fox-Cosmopolitan-Scans-megan-fox-7922264-1876-2560

So here I am, in New York City. The internship is by no means as glamorous as the Devil Wears Prada, but it could be comparable at times. As an accessory closet intern, I am responsible for creating a documented inventory of every single belt, bag, shoe etc. that comes into or out of the closet.

When I say closet, I mean room that is stuffed to the brim with designer merchandise. (I actually have to scale the shelves at times to avoid stepping on things I cannot afford.) We remain quiet and professional as we watch and try to aid stylists from Project Runway in merchandising as they come in and work their magic.

It is the intern’s job to maintain the merchandise, and see it back to its rightful owner whether it be a PR company or designer. We package the  products and send them home or out for photo shoots. Sounds easy enough, but every time I check something out, I check something new in as well. The only time it stops is when I am out on a run, or a hunt for new products my boss sent me on.

When I walked into Hearst Tower my first day I was terrified. At security people argued to get upstairs, but were consistently refused, because their name was not on this list. That was going to be me I thought, a sad girl who wouldn’t be allowed up the stairs because she was not on the list. Low and behold I made it up the pristine escalators surrounded by waterfalls.5434949056_20ceb77103_o

When I got upstairs, I was expecting to find stick thin girls who only eat a cheese cube a day, but I found normal, seemingly friendly people. There are a couple of people that don’t want the interns to talk to them ever. On the other hand, most of the interns are friendly; however, it is inevitable that while we are in the closet we are at each other’s throat.

It is only my first week, but I know I have made the right choice. (Luckily there is a free table usually filled with booze and condoms and books, for those tough days when you are in need of a stress reliever.) Everyday may not be perfect, but every night I come home exhausted and smiling. The future holds endless possibilities, and hopefully not too many misplaced stilettos.


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  1. […] and Seventeen Magazines.  I blogged about the beginnings of my internship in the accessory closet here.  To be honest, when I first started I wasn’t sure how I was going to make a full semester […]

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