One CEO, Two GirlBosses

Say yes, at least that’s what I did. This post is a few days past due, but finals had really gotten the best of me. My laundry is still pilled up and the dishes have been spilling out of the sink, but I took Sophia Amoruso’s advice and said yes.bae-4 If you are not sure who Sophia Amoruso is allow me to fill you in. Amoruso is the former CEO, and founder of a little company called Nasty Gal. If that does not ring a bell you may have seen her book #GirlBoss on almost every fashion blogger’s Instagram.

The book is not only an entertaining read, but also motivation and an honest account of who Amoruso was before she became known by the New York times as the, “Cinderella of tech.” Mine book is bound with hard cover, and contains the secrets of her success and a few others including hilarious pooh filled stories. (I will try not to give too much of the book away.)

Now that you know all of this, you also must know that there was no way I was missing a chance to see Amoruso, or fast fashion idol’s in the very flesh. I’ve read her books, I’ve stalked her on social media, but I don’t think anything could really compare.


I raced to get to Changing Hands Bookstore in Phoenix Arizona. Of course there was traffic, and I got stuck behind some dumb bus, or so I thought. That dumb bus was Amoruso’s very own Girl Boss Bus she is using for her book tour around the U.S.bae-6

I smiled with excitement. The bus had a huge image of her doing the infamous pose that just screams, “I’m bossy.” I long to pull that pose off, but we can’t all be Sophia Amoruso. (Insert a hair flip here.)

I got a seat inside, just before she started speaking. She sometimes fumbled on her words that she may or may not have practiced in the mirror a few times. In all honesty I think that was the best part. It was amazing to see how real Amoruso still is despite all the fame. She is still the creative woman, we fell in love with after reading #GirlBoss.

Amoruso started as a real person, and clearly is to this day a real person. I don’t think anything is going to change that. Her speech had the audience giggling, for she was smart, witty, and beautiful from the inside out. Although she has come a long way from jobs in an art school lobby and eBay selling, she is not perfect and she doesn’t seem like she wants to be.

“No one who buys a book called eBay For Dummies expects to end up running a hundred million dollar reputable business,” said Amoruso. “But we all start somewhere.”

She just wants to be Sophia, a woman who is happy successful and in charge of her life, because she said yes to all of the world’s possibilities and took charge of her destiny. Amoruso reminded the material girls in the room not only agree to opportunity, but to be open to the people even the people wearing terrible shoes, because life works based on serendipity and you can learn something from everyone and everything.

“The world is embracing people of all shapes, sizes, colors, and sexual orientations. People you would have never seen on television ten years ago are winning awards. This generation is already being changed in the world, by supporting real voices, and now it’s time to make sure you’re supporting your own,” said Amoruso.

“…Keep in mind that all of us only share what we believe to be our best, so I’m not going to show you the moments I cry into my husband’s sleeve, before going to bed, or when I am terrified to tell my company that shit has hit the fan. That is why I think it is really important to just focus on yourself and doing your best, not doing anyone else’s best, and great things can happen.

“So many of us go about our lives half asleep, before we’re legally allowed to vote, stick with it, and marry before our time is up, but so many of us find ourselves finding ourselves searching for more. Sometimes tripping over it, sometimes going on full-blown vision quests to get there.

“My advice to you: start seeking early and don’t stop. Exfoliate your life daily, and you’ll never need a chemical heal. Be relentless in your quest for yourself, and never stop evolving…Listen for dreams the universe wants for you when they knock.”

Amoruso words could not have rung more truly. If someone with this amount of fame and fortune was this down to earth, why can’t we all be? Despite the copious amount of homework and tests, I must say anxious Alexa for once this week hasn’t really worried at all. I know that the world will open up for me, and once it does I’ll be ready.

All in all I think Amoruso’s trip to Phoenix was definitely not a wasted one. For she connected with fans, even ones like me who did not by a new book (Of course I have my own). When I finally got a chance to met her, I was fan-girling pretty hard. I guess she created a die hard one as well. I left with a well loved signed book and a huge smile.

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