Amanda Barnes of ‘The Squeeze Magazine’ Hosts a Weekly Wine

For santiaguinos, becoming acquainted with some of Chile’s best wines is made easy by Amanda Barnes, editor of The Squeeze Magazine and wine connoisseur.

SANTIAGO — The Squeeze Magazine is an up and coming publication providing the latest updates about wine and travel in Argentina and Chile. “The idea is to discover Chile […] The only way you can learn is taste, taste, taste” Barnes commented. Regular guest of the wine tastings, Corey, explained, “It’s really about the beauty of life and the beauty of wine.”


Love brought Barnes over to South America, and the British expat has now been living and exploring Latin America for the last six years. However, it was wine that made her heart beat fast, not a boy, as according to Barnes, “A glass of wine is so much more than a drink.”

Starting as a journalist, Barnes is now somewhat of an expert on, not only the taste of wine, but about each vineyard, the wine making process, and the pairing of foods that go with it.

We started the night off on Thursday with a bubbly rosé, and moved on to two delightful whites and two smooth reds. The wine tastings are priced at CL$15,000, and guests get to try five of the regions’ latest high-end wines.


The wine connoisseur was excited to talk about her passion, and how one of the oldest industries is always evolving. Barnes believes that it is not only what comes out of the wine, but what goes into the wine as well. Barnes said “A good wine maker is way behind the horse.”

Amanda Barnes is not just tasting, but teaching. She attempted to teach guests how wine let’s you feel experiences on the tip of your tongue. At the end of the night you could not only feel your experiences through the glass, but the experiences of the wine maker and those who took part in the whole process. “These are wines that you can relate to,” Corey said.

The wine tastings are held every Thursday at 7:00p.m, in Barrica 94. Barrica is a sophisticated restaurant with impressive dishes to that you can pair with the even more impressive wines, referred to as “a cross point between the world of wine and contemporary Chilean cuisine.”

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