Chile Through a Lens: Santiago Street Art

Santiago is filled with buildings that seemed as if they were standing perfectly for ages, now covered in graffiti.

There are some good pieces. There are some bad pieces. We can’t all be artists.

However we can all have a voice. In Chile it seems that the motive is not about making something beautiful. The motive is making something meaningful.

I remember in freshman year English my teacher told us that we are a generation fighting for nothing. Maybe that holds true for students in the U.S., but it definitely does not pertain to Chileans.

A friend observing the street art next to me said all the pieces seemed angry. They are.

Whether or not you agree with defacing public property or their message, you can’t blame them for trying to get their point across. You have to blame the rest of the world for never trying at all. If the listeners’ ears won’t work, maybe their eyes will.


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