Eating Chile: 6 Local Delicacies You Have to Try

Not your average Chili. There are many Chilean delicacies worth trying if you consider yourself a foodie.

CHILE — This may be hard to believe, but there is more to Chilean cuisine than palta, or avocados. Chile is home to delicious seafood, wine and local delicacies. Here are some of our favorite foods that the locals may have been keeping a secret from you.

  • Machas a la parmesana: What is a macha you ask? Macha is a native Chilean surf clam. The seafood has been a part of Chilean’s diet since before present time. Cheese and seafood are usually just not mixed. However, for over 50 years the clams have been smothered in butter, lemon, white wine, and Parmesan cheese. You don’t want to miss this one.

    Photo from Flikr

    Photo from Flikr

  • Carmenere: When we think wine France, California, and Italy usually come to mind. Due to the Carmenere grape, Chile offers some variation to the typical European and North American wines that we are accustomed to. The Camenere grape vanished from the vineyards of Europe in the 19th century. 100 years later, these elusive grapes were found in Chile, and have been here ever since. Cameneres make a wine that compliments red meat, and typical Chilean corn-based dishes.
  • Mote Con Huesillos: this is Chilean’s favorite summer time drink. However, the term drink should be used loosely. Mote Con Huesillos is so thick that it usually needs to be served with a fork. The beverage is made with stewed peaches, wheat, sugar or honey. There is nothing more refreshing in the Latin heat.

    Photo by Alexa Renfroe

    Photo by Alexa Renfroe

  • Chirimoyas: This happens to be a fruit that most of South America enjoys. However it is so good we could not leave it out of our list. Chirimoya appears to be a green, and lump heart-shaped fruit, but there is more to it than meets the eye. It contains a sweet, white, custard like inside. These fruits will have anyone that tries them like, “Palta who?”
  • Torta De Hojas: When in doubt, do as the Chileans. They have added some flavour to the classic layering cake, by adding a caramel, or manjar filling. Sweet milk is re-boil to make the filling for this delicious dessert. It can even be a great alternative to the normal bread and butter breakfast.

    Photo by Alexa Renfroe

    Photo by Alexa Renfroe

  • Borgoña: When it comes to wine, we all know now that Chileans do it best. Add fruit into mix and, what could be better? Borgoña is Chilean style sangria. It is perfect for a hot Chilean summer night or afternoon.

    Photo by Alexa Renfroe

    Photo by Alexa Renfroe

                   Originally written for I Love Chile

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