A Tree Grows in the Bronx

Although I have a urning to wonder around the world, it is not always feasible. However there is always time to wander around your own city. Whether it is New York or Arizona I am always exploring, and being a tourist in my own city.

You can hear me saying Arizona is so boring and there is nothing to do. I have even said New York is not pretty. I guess I have just been spoiled by cobblestone streets and European Architecture that I have grown a custom to on my adventures.

I found a sanctuary, for those days where you need to escape  from all the grim and the grime of the city streets. The Bronx Botanical Garden is home to over 48 different botanical gardens, and in addition absolutely breath taking.

For all the art lovers out there too, the gardens is hosting a Frida Kahlo exhibit. Please be mindful that this adventure is not easy on the allergies.

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