A Day With Jo Dorris

Lessons On Happiness //

Happiness is not about what you buy or the things you have. I spent six months backing through Europe. In Greece I met a girl I will never forget. She told me, “I have a beautiful life, because I live here (on this island)”. She was born and raised there. It was all she had ever known, but it was all she needed to know. Happiness is about loving where you are, who you are and who you are with. The most curious people are all around us. Like Jo Doris, I plan to meet theml. I plan on being happy.

One Reply to “A Day With Jo Dorris”

  1. Myra Shapiro says:

    That video was fantastic! Very professional, very interesting, very beautiful to look at. The editing was excellent. The narrator needed to speak louder, otherwise a perfect piece.

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