The Burrito that Jams

I really believe traveling is the best way to learn about the wide and vast world around us. One of the best things I learned while studying abroad in Paris was that time is always of the essence. My study abroad was really short, but so is our time here on earth. Take chances and try everything once. Expand your pallet to  new people, their food and culture.  It will open your mind to little gems like the one I found here in Phoenix, Jamburrito. Before my move I was fearful, of what I am not sure, but I was completely closed off to new  experiences as simple as seafood. Now I am having mouthfuls of crazy food truck concoctions. Yes, I am loving it!

2 Replies to “The Burrito that Jams”

  1. Myra Shapiro says:

    I want to try a jamburrito!

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