Be Bea(u)tiful


People always tell me they love the way I dress, but they could never pull my outfits off. Everyone’s favorite line seems to be “That is so cute for you.”  What does that even mean?

No, I am not offended. These are not empty compliments; rather they are self-conscious comments.

Although I do consider myself a majestic mermaid, deep down I look just like the rest of the population, normal. Actually I am just as self-conscious or maybe even more than every 19 year-old girl I know. My body is not perfect and I know it, but don’t we all.

So what is the difference between the self-conscious comment contributor and me? Confidence. I’ve taken it upon myself to stop caring what other people think. Life is easier when you stop trying to please everyone and start trying to please yourself.

To be quite frank I dress for my self. If I dressed for men I’d be naked or close to it, and if I dressed for other women I would not be happy.

Of course it was a little bizarre for people to see me in mixed patterns or mermaid leggings (yes, I own BlackMilk mermaid leggings,) however people have not only come to respect it, but admire it as well.

Fashion is wearing exactly what you see in the magazines. Style is so much more. It’s about who you are, and being exactly that person. Other people not like it, but they will recognize it. It’s an attitude, and you can’t fake that.

2 Replies to “Be Bea(u)tiful”

  1. diellzadobroshi says:

    I agree with every word! Be yourself and flaunt it!

  2. myra shapiro says:

    You go, girl! That’s the right attitude.
    Looking forward to reading more High Fashion Hippie.

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