Here in Heaven…

Here I am in Heaven, aka Paris France. I am here on a study abroad learning French eating cheese and basically living out every fashionista’s dream.

When I first arrived in the first week of February, it was the best of times and it was the worst of times for my wallet. Behold the semi annual “soldes” or sales was taking place.

France fashion is comparable to Barney’s New York. Things do not go on sale and yes, everything is fabulous. However twice a year the law works in my favor and requires French stores to make room, so out with the old and in with the new.

It was so hard to resist that I didn’t. I was determined to fit in with the French fashion. One fur vest and a pair of leather pants later and sadly I still did not.

Although Paris and New York are both fashion capitals of the world they are extremely different. Each neighborhood in New York seems to have a distinct style.

From the classy women on the Upper East Side to the hipsters in Williamsburg, whichever New York neighborhood the clothes are loud, colorful and proud. Paris has their fair share of hipsters however the city is effortlessly chic throughout.

Whether you are in a Sephora or a Paris street the differences between American fashions are tremendous. Unlike the makeup stores of America the women behind the counters here seem almost bare faced in comparison.

It isn’t rare to see a beautiful Parisienne with nothing on her face but a little bit of eyeliner, hair up in a messy bun in nothing but black. On the other hand, the time and the place for leather is all the time in Paris.

What’s trending now in Paris? “De Class” is a uniform worn without. Come out less than dressed to impress and you will be turned down from most clubs and other chic happenings. Come out in sweatpants or not fashion forward sneakers –god forbid—and you are labeled immediately as a tourist, left alone to face the perils of pickpockets.

Not only are the clothes of Paris less bright, but they are less tight as well. French women have figured out to achieve a sexy look without their boobs (genius)! Even at a past Avicii concert American girls dressed in tight neon were being ogled at in horror.

Although I have gone back to black and have come to terms that my “freakum” dress is not for France, I still do not look like a French woman I do not want to. I still believe that you look best dressed as yourself.Image

One Reply to “Here in Heaven…”

  1. myra shapiro says:

    Did you really buy a fur vest and leather pants?

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