Happy to Be Nappy

For those of you who don’t know I am biracial. To be more specific my father is black and my mother is white. Therefore my mother has silky hair that is easy to manage while I grew up with an Afro.

I do thank my mom for trying however she had absolutely no idea what she was doing. Every morning she would comb my curly locks dry creating a giant poof. My older half sister who had already discovered many curly secrets lived far from us and had teamed up with a straightener and turned to the dark side.

Surely adults thought my Afro was precious, but I was just embarrassed. Multiple times I was asked to move to the back of the classroom because the other children could not see over my hair. Yes I am serious.

Finally around the age of thirteen I decided to take matters into my own. Every week I would pay someone to burn or hot comb my hair. In love with the end results I did not even think of the consequences.

Eventually my hair started to break. Every trip to the salon included a trim. My long luscious hair began to get shorter and shorter. Enough was enough, I decide to put down the straightener and embrace my natural curls.

Like my mother, I had no idea what I was doing either. I went to the drug store and bought every single bottle of Pantene gel and conditioner for curly hair. Believe it or not I used it all in a matter of two days. How else was I going to prevent the Afro from making it’s return? Thus the curly “gelmet” was born.

Every other day I was running to the drug store with my wet sticky hair for more products. CVS loved me. In high school I was once told my hair looked like Ramen Noodles. That girl was mean and a little jealous of me because of other things, but she was right.

It may be a little dramatic to say Devachan saved my life. They may hurt my wallet with their step prices but I do give them credit for saving my hair. There were products, books and a salon dedicated to stopping the abuse of curly hair everywhere.


My hair is finally healthy and happy. People always ask me to share my secret and her it is: moisture. Rid your hair of harmful sulfates aka your favorite scented sudsy shampoo. You don’t need it because condition is your best friend.

As heart breaking as this breakup between you and your shampoo is you will soon ask “Pantene who?” After you wash your hair with a sulfate free shampoo drown your hair in love or conditioner. Run your hands gently through your hair removing all the nots. Instead of washing the conditioner out, just add water.

That’s it. See how easy couple’s counseling for you and your curls made that. The more moisture you have in your hair the more manageable it will seem. Now the rest is up to you and the look you want. I add a drop of gel and leave in conditioner to prevent frizzy and keep my hair looking nice longer. I am no longer a slave to my hair. Personally I can do this process one or two times a week. Now you are free to be happy and nappy.

Photo on 10-9-13 at 5.52 PM #2

5 Replies to “Happy to Be Nappy”

  1. morrism22 says:

    This is fantastic info for anyone with curly hair. My hair got curly when I hit puberty and I fought with it constantly bc I just didn’t understand it. Thanks! If you get a chance, I’d love for you to check out my blog and let me know what you think! Best, Meg

  2. Haha my mother didn’t know what she was doing with my curly hair either. Great post =]

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