“Clothes are th…

“Clothes are the surest vehicle of self-expression available to us. To dress oneself is not futile it is an act of profound significance. I believe in a style that expresses the inner self that expresses the inner self , that is neither a shell nor a disguise for it. To wear clothes is to be oneself, to dream oneself, to be aware of who one is. Dressing allows us to sublimate ourselves and to have fun doing so.”

A little fashion inspiration by Christophe Lemaire, artistic director of Hermès ready-to-wear women’s collection. He reminds us that there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to fashion. Fashion is about you and being yourself. You need to wear what you feel comfortable in. You should wear clothing that reflects your personal style. Don’t change yourself to fit fashions. Change fashions to fit you.


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