A Pintrest Perfect Place

We have all seen those adorable Pinterest-perfect rooms. A lot of the decor doesn’t match, but somehow everything looks perfect together. Owner of Adobe Fine Living Catharine Crandall has the secret to mixing and matching the latest home trends.

“I think one of the dangers when you try to start mixing and matching things is that all of a sudden it starts to look like a garage sale,” she said. “It looks more like clutter than a cohesive design.”

Mix and Match, WEBCrandall’s solution is to keep it simple while focusing on key pieces that you absolutely love. To prevent your favorites from turning into clutter, try giving the room depth and height. Crandall suggests stacking your favorite items on decorative books.

You can turn your favorite piece into a focal point. A focal point will draw attention to a specific spot in the room. This will stop the room from being too hectic and it will create balance. After your focal point is created, use pieces that compliment it when decorating the rest of the room.

“My theory is always start with one piece that you love and start to bring in the second and third piece, but there’s got to be some type of thread that’s woven between…the pieces that you are trying to group together.”

SW6A9182According to Crandall, the new trendy “thread” that pulls all your mixed pieces together is a metallic one. Hammered silver and heavy aluminum have always been popular. However, many people are incorporating gold this season. Gold adds warmth to a room, while silver cools it down.

When it comes to mixing and matching, the expression “opposites attract” holds true. Crandall suggests mixing hard textures with soft textures such as rustic leather with upholstery. You can also combine different furniture shapes together, like round coffee tables with square end tables.

One of Crandall’s favorite round pieces to use is an ottoman, because of versatility. You can use an ottoman for decoration, seating or lounging around with your feet up. Despite all the mixing and matching, you want to use the same colors when combining different patterns that will contrast from your furniture pieces.

Mixing and matching furniture takes a lot of confidence. Don’t be afraid to just create a Pinterest board and show your home inspiration to someone who knows what they are doing. Interior designers like Crandall will be able to help you recreate your dream home realistically.

Many people’s dreams home have changed. Lighter, brighter and more transitional pieces are now filling homes everywhere. Crandall calls it “casual elegance.” The pieces are beautiful, but everything is fresh and actually less delicate.SW6A9216

“Especially now with the economy being the way it has been a lot of people are trying to lighten up the colors they have had in their house. Make their house still fresh and young and clean again,” Crandall said.

Some homes are not only young because the decorations. Many people need to design with their kids in mind. Families with children and pets should decorate with pieces that are safe from sticky fingers and paws. Fabrics like Sunbrella can be washed, so no spill or stain will be left behind.

If you aren’t completely sure if you are ready to take the new furniture home for good, ask for an out-on-approval policy that will allow you to live with the furniture for a few days before making such a big commitment. Since home furnishing is a big commitment like any relationship, Crandall believes buyers should take it slow and stick to one room at a time.

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