Vintage Clothing Designer: Doux Belle


Former actress Rachel Wagner is designing, “ Vintage evening wear for the modern women.” Wagner owns her own store Doux Belle, which houses vintage apparel, refurbished antique furniture and her very own designs in the heart of Scottsdale.

Wager began thrifting for clothes she would wear on additions. As she searched for fabrics and cute looks she became inspired. Wagner found that the she connected with the trends of the past and the quality that the clothes of the present lacked. Thus creating the heart of Doux Belle.

“As an actor you’re playing dress up and creating characters,” Wagner said. “The clothes are really important to complete the character.”

Wagner’s brand is classy, sophisticated, fun and feminine. Doux Belle will transport you into 1920’s Paris. She is inspired by that era and her home Hollywood where glamour is everything. Doux Belle is designed to stand out and make a statement, no mater who is in the room. Wagner envisions strong women like herself wearing her one of a kind clothes.

Wagner has been able to persevere through all the hardships that comes with owning your own business and creating a new fashion line. Owning your own business is high pressure Wagner said, because the possible failures are all her own. However Wagner believes having a solo success is the greatest gift you can give to yourself.

Wagner said, “I’ve worked for people before. I’m a strong enough woman and a good businesswoman to handle my own store and business. I have a drive to succeed and do really well. I wanted to take it further. So having a clothing line is perfect.”

Wagner has found that she has a real talent for designing. As she sketches her lux eveningwear her dressmaker creates her visions right there in the store. Wagner’s gowns are couture and ready to wear from the runway. Wagner puts not only time into the clothes, but love as well. This actually makes it hard to let the clothes go, when it comes time to sell.

It is safe to say, no one considers Arizona to be one of the fashion capitals of the world. However there is a big fashion scene here that is starting to create quite a buzz. With the help of Phoenix Fashion Week, local designers like Doux Belle are beginning to emerge and transform into the label their owners have always envisioned.

Doux Belle was created about a year ago this September. Already, owner Rachel Wagner is seeing success for her store and Scottsdale based fashion line. Although Wagner has just begun her fashion career, Doux Belle was selected to be one of the few emerging brands featured in Phoenix Fashion Week 2013.

“I went to Phoenix Fashion Week last year, and I got goose bumps. I got so excited watching the show, and I said to myself ‘Oh my god I have to do this,” Wagner said.

Learning as she goes, Wagner has designed a brand new collection for Phoenix Fashion week. According to Wagner, Phoenix Fashion Week taught her a lot about fabric, structure, and the dialogue between designers and buyers. Wagner has grown a lot through the process, letting her blossom into the confident designer she is today.

Wagner said, “Phoenix Fashion week offers you all the tools to become a brand.”

Being a fashion designer in Phoenix definitely has its perks. Wagner said she is establishing her brand before she branches out to bigger cities. She also is receiving plenty of press and buyer attention.

“Coming from a smaller foundation, you’re more seen, Wagner said.”

It has been challenging for Wagner to find fabrics in Phoenix, and travels to Los Angeles to find them. Wagner predicts that as she begins to grow, her location may hinder her. Wagner dreams of branching out by creating stores across the country and around the world. However until then she will continue to work on her resort wear collection.

“We only have one life and you have to be proactive,” Wagner said. “You have to actively create your life, you don’t wait for life to happen to you. You create it.”


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