Style is Eternal

Coco Chanel once said, “Fashion fades, only style remains the same.” This is undeniably true. As years come and go so do trends you once wore. We have all looked at old pictures of ourselves and thought, “What am I wearing?” At the time you really thought you were the bees-knees.

Fortunately, for our wallet and the dignity of your closet, a lot of things have a come back. Thus vintage shopping was born! When it comes to fashion I recommend hoarding, yes I said hoarding.

Think about all the high-waist shorts that are in your closet. Now think about all the money you would have saved if your mother had saved her hers and eventually handed them down to you. Now I don’t seem so crazy do I?

Despite the fading trends some styles are absolutely timeless. For example, you will never regret purchasing a classic Louis Vuitton or Channel. Your wallet may at the time but bags like those are truly a life long investment.

To differentiate between a trend and timeless style ask yourself questions like this: will you get tired of this purchase? Can you see yourself wearing this purchase when your 30-years-old? To be a classic, the item must stand the test of time. Buy something that you will love for the end of time.


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