When to Fall Into Fall


As the seasons change, the weather in most places does as well. Fashion takes a turn for the cold in most places. Here in sunny Arizona that is not the case. Its October and Arizona and is anything but chilly. Girls are still rocking their shorts, but in the Fashion Square Mall the advertisements call for scarfs, hats, leather jackets, and other items one would bundle up with. You may be shocked to see that there is even wool pants being sold at a few stores.

A lot of these ads are aimed at tourists, who are vacationing. Fashion Square is a well know high-end mall that has stores that are usually exclusive to New York City. For example the mall has stores such as Barney’s and Ted Baker London. The tourists come from cold weather to soak up the sun here, and while they’re at it they do a little shopping. The items are perfect for them to take back home, but what about the people living here. Is it to early to fall into fall?

Fall is full of warm colors, cute boots, and adorable accessories. The season is filled with trends fashionistas would love to take part in. New York in fall is beautiful, not only are the leaves vibrant colors, women are sporting the warm colors of the season as well. Its natural for Arizona to want to embody autumn as well, but will scarfs look silly when it still feels like summer outside?


The answer is no. Everything will look good in moderation. Try pairing your boots with shorts and knee-high socks. Your sweaters will also look fabulous with shorts as well. With air conditioning blasting it’s freezing in most buildings you will be in anyway. Bennies are another one of my fall favorites. Don’t be shy, have fun and play with earth tons; accessories and layers while you are grabbing a warm latte. Dressing and eating for the times with balance will jump you into the fall festivities others get to experience. Of course your leather jacket is not needed yet but save it for Arizona’s December. Many people mourn the loss of fall, but are grateful that Arizona winter feels like it, because shoveling snow is never glamorous. As long as you rock your New York fall inspired outfit in moderation with confidence and grace, you are guarantied to look fabulous falling into fall.


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