Not Wearing Winter Whites

As the seasons get colder, colors get darker. This year we won’t be wearing winter whites. Fashion is going back to black. However I wouldn’t consider this a trend, because black is always fashion’s favorite color, especially when the leaves begin to turn. The winter is calling for you to leave your pastels in the back of the closet, forget winter whites and go back to black.

As a winter enthusiast I have become obsessed with this season’s dark trends. Clothes are not the only way to winter up your wardrobe. Changing your make up will suffice at a much lower price.Dark-nails

Previously, I had a blonde ombre. Whoever said blondes have more fun were wrong. I am loving the black blue I have recently died my hair. It is perfect for this season. Obsessed with black, even my nails are painted in trend.


Dark  lips are also good for the cooler climate. Black lips paired with military jackets gives you a tough look for the season. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can pull this off. Since my skin is fair and my hair is dark right now I have been wearing a less dramatic purple instead.

Mac Cosmetics have hundreds of dark shades for about $15. I have been wearing Marc Jacobs’ Little Pretty available at Sephora for $30. These bold winter lips can easily make you look clownish. Be sure not to overdue your eye make up when wearing your dark lips. A little eyeliner and or mascara will go a very long way.

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