Boho Exotic Studios Hair Extensions Review

I was bored so I made a video (:

I did have a lot of trouble with Boho Exotic Studio initially. They messed up my order and shipped my hair to the wrong place. Ultimately I’m very pleased with the company and the end results. Boho Exotics uses real hair. They have textures that match all curl types.

4 Replies to “Boho Exotic Studios Hair Extensions Review”

  1. chictrendzsetter says:

    Hey love your hair you are rocking it! I have extensions in now and I love them! Check out they are great! Tell them Jahnetta referred you.

  2. Briana says:

    Hi, I am thinking about purchasing some extensions from this company and I was wondering how long did the hair last for you?

    • lexycouture says:

      Hi Briana. I got them in September of my sophomore year, and I wore them until April I think. I died them somewhere in between that time and stopped wearing them, because I got tired of the color. However I still have them and they’re in pretty good condition.

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