The Rivival

The Revival

Like history, fashion has a tendency of repeating it self. Corsets and bustier tops are back from the 1550s and better than ever.  The garment hugs a female’s waist tightly, while pushing out her breasts, giving her an hourglass shape, or they are cropped to expose the midriff.  Cropped bustier tops are becoming extremely more popular. The look is not effortless. Not everyone perfects the trend. This is a very sexy piece but can easily make any fashionista looked over exposed.StyleSaveUs-High-Waisted-Shorts-short

Although we are out of the days of petticoats, corsets can still look classy. My solution: high-waisted bottoms, another blast from the past. Your mother can probably relate to this trend. My favorite brand of high-waisted shorts is urban renewal. Urban renewal vamps up vintage shorts with studs or tied die. A great way to find the look for less is thrifting. Rock a plain pair of old jeans, or vamp them up yourself.  “Tumblr” or “Instagram” is an easy way to find fashion inspiration. Ironically, my favorite place to shop for this look is my mom’s closet. Nothing comes in between me and my mom’s old, distressed Calvin’s.images

High-waisted shorts make any cropped look more conservative. They also do another good thing for girls. High-waisted clothing helps shape the body, giving women the perfect femme form. First and foremost, the garment will slim you down and hide a belly, while making your waist look smaller. Secondly, the attire will most likely give a curve in all the right places. This creates the appearance of a voluptuous JLo backside. This paired with a bustier will create the ultimate hourglass shape. It is an image that women have been striving for since Marilyn Monroe’s time. She kicks the Twiggy look to the curve. Kim Kardashian is today’s example of America’s favorite bodacious body.

One designer who is doing it right is Shirley Klein, maker of Swirly & Me. Are you ready for originality? Her bustier tops are custom made, or have hand stitched lace and beadwork on them. Shirley is inspired by vintage fashion from the 30’s through the 50’s. Her muses include actresses from old black and white films such as Ginger Rogers, Bette Davis, and Joan Crawford.  Designers such as herself with this style are making a revival of the femme form.

High-waisted shorts have become a major trend. They can be worn with more than just a crop top to add a vintage flair to any outfit.


Be aware that high-waisted shorts ride up, causing you to be over exposed. Try buying longer shorts, or ones that are stretchy with seams to avoid this problem.

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